Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to sign a long term contract to begin using ePlan Automation?
A: No, ePlan Automation is billed to your facility month-to-month. Service can be discontinued at any time with 30 days written notice. More Information

Q: Can I try ePlan Automation before we decide to implement it throughout our company?
A: Yes, we offer a 30 day free trial of ePlan.
More Information

Q: Is there a way I can enter fictitious residents for practice?
A: Yes. Each of your sites will have a dummy facility named ‘Rosebud’. This facility is provided for practice and training. More Information

Q: I’m concerned about my PC losing all of our resident's Service Plan data.
A: All of your resident information is stored on our remote eTasking servers that are backed up at the end of each day. If a particular PC has a problem, just access your information through another PC. Of course it is also recommended that you have a printed copy for backup. More Information

Q: Does the ePlan run better on a wired or wireless network connection?
A: You can access your ePlan data through either a wired or wireless connection, but wired connections can sometimes provide better speed and stability. More Information

Q: Can I access ePlan when I am traveling or working away from home?
A: Yes, ePlan can be securely accessed through our website More Information

Q: What about security? Our resident information is very sensitive and must not be accessible by anyone without authorization.
A: Multiple layers of data security have been designed into the ePlan System. Each individual accessing ePlan must login using their own unique credentials that you manage. Different levels of data access are provided based on each individual's job function. More Information

Q: How do I know who made an ADL update or entered a new resident?
A: ePlan records the name and date for every person logging in, and this name and date is applied to any change made. More Information

Q: Can you go back and make changes or corrections to a resident’s existing Service Plan?
A: Certainly, but all past versions are also kept. This permits you to view the complete edit log for each of a Resident's ADLs. More Information

Q: If I discharge a resident -- or if a resident is deceased -- does their information get erased?
A: No. All information is retained and is assessable on-line. This permits it to be easily viewed at some later date. More Information

Q: If I am interrupted while entering a resident’s Service Plan, do I lose the data I have already entered?
A: No. Data entered for each ADL or resident is saved on the remote server each time you click the “Enter/Update” button for an ADL.

Q: Can I use standardized phrases for each ADL to simplify initial data entry and to encourage consistent resident assessment?
A: Yes. ePlan comes with a standard library of Default Text phrases for each ADL. This library can also be expanded and modified by your corporate Health Administrator to accommodate your company's special needs and goals for care. More Information

Q: Do I have to use the standardized text?
A: No. A facility administrator can type in whatever text they choose for each resident. They can also paste the default text from the ADL library and then modify that. The default text library is provide as an option.

Q: Can I use 'Spell Check' to correct any typing mistakes I might have made while entering Resident data?
A: Yes. For your convenience, a spell check option is included for most text fields.

Q: Can I choose which ADLs are standard (to be included for each resident) and which ADLs are optional?
A: Yes, your corporation can add, modify. or delete the ADLs in the standard library, and specify which ones are required. When the Service Plan is setup for a Resident, all required ADLs will initially be included. Optional ADLs can then be added as needed.

Q: Is there an assessment score associated with each ADL, and is this displayed by ePlan?
A: Yes. Based on the data entered, there is an assessed score automatically calculated by ePlan for each ADL. This score is updated as the data is entered or changed. The score can be displayed or hidden. More Information

Q: Is this score the same as the Minimum Data Set (MDS) score?
A: No, this score is only used to indicate the typical amount of care a resident will require (and hence their acuity level). It can, however, be used to determine a level of care for monthly billing purposes.

Q: Can I print a census list of all residents, for use by management and state inspectors?
A: Yes, there is a print option that allows you to print a ‘current census’ of all your residents.

Q: Can I create analysis reports for my facilities using factors like average acuity level; average age; length of stay; etc.?
A: Yes, a number of management reports are available, and many more can be created on request by our capable eTasking programming staff. The standard reports can also be accessed through our secure website. More Information

Q: Regarding our printed Service Plans for each resident, can the print format be changed (for example, from Portrait to Landscape)? And can I print a partial or full Service Plan as needed?
A: Yes, you can print preview and then reformat each ADL or complete Service Plan to portrait or landscape. eTasking also suggests that a current printed Service Plan be kept in a note book at all times. You can update as needed by printing only the pages changed. You can also print a compact Service Plan -- with multiple ADLs per page -- for use by your caregivers.

Q: After I install ePlan Automation is there training available?
A: Yes. First, you can use the tutorial available from your install disk or from our website. Second, you can contact one of our representatives, and they will assist you and your staff with training. There are also many topical help links embedded in each ePlan screen for your convenience. More Information

Q: We have multiple assisted living properties in numerous states. What about on-going training for these and for new properties we might acquire?
A: We recommend one-on-one training for each of your facilities as they become active using ePlan Automation. We also recommend periodic training for all your facilities using conference calls or follow-up visits as desired. More Information

Q: When printing a resident’s Service Plan can I omit the unselected items from the ADLs?
A: Yes. The printed Service Plan will normally only show ADL items that you have selected for the resident. However, you can choose to print all multi-choice ADL options, including those not selected.