ePlan Pricing

The ePlan Automation System is leased on a month-to-month contract with no setup or termination fees. Pricing is per facility and depends on the maximum number of ePlan residents within the facility (as shown below):

ePlan Residents in Facility Monthly Rate
less than 10 ** $50
10 to 14 $75
15 to 22 $100
23 to 35 $150
36 to 50 $200
51 to 80 $250
more than 80 $300

** Small Residential Units may be combined as a single Facility so long as they are also billed as a single unit. The individual residences can be distinguished as Locations within the billed Facility.

ePlan Rate Plot

The ePlan user interface may be installed on as many user supplied desktop or laptop computers as desired without additional charge. Additionally, up to 25 individual user accounts will be provided per facility.

Billing will be electronically sent to you or your Company designee on a monthly basis. Payment terms are Net 30. Billing will begin on the 1st of each month. Cancellation of services can be made with a 30 day written notification from your Corporate location or individual facility.

Free System Evaluation

For the first 30 days, using the ePlan System is complementary. This is our way of allowing you to try the ePlan System for your Service Plan and Resident Assessment needs at no risk. For your complementary evaluation, you will be set-up with a new remote database for your facility, and provided with a fully functional copy of the user interface software to be installed on your local computers.

During the complementary evaluation period you can enter the actual resident data for your facility, and all data entered will be secure and permanent. You can also practice using ePlan with a test facility called “Rosebud”.  Should you wish to discontinue service just let us know -- there will be no charge, and any data entered will be deleted to ensure confidentiality.  Otherwise, just continue using the system, and any data already entered will be retained.