Adding eDocs

eDoc files are accessed using the User Interface provided by the ePlan Automation program. After logging in to ePlan, the user will open the View Service Plan window and select a Resident.  Next the user can either select from the list of Service Plan ADLs shown for the Resident, or click the eDocs button to view all of the uploaded files for the Resident.

Using Existing Files

If a user already has a specific file containing data for a Resident (a past Incident Report, for example) this file can be simply added as a new eDoc file for that Resident. 

A user might also have some 'empty' forms that are intended to be copied and filled in for each Resident.  These forms are added in the same way, since eDocs always creates a copy for the Resident selected, leaving the original file unmodified.

Click the button below to see how this is done:

Adding an eDoc  

Using the eDoc Library

There are actually three separate libraries where a user can save 'empty' forms to be added for Residents as needed. First is the ePlan Master Library where a set of files have been placed for use by any of our corporate users. 

Each Corporation also has their own Corporate Library, plus an additional library setup for each of their facility.

Initially, the Corporate and Facility Library's will be empty, but users can build their library's using their own files they have created; files from the ePlan Library; or files they have found on the internet.