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Sydney Farrier is one of the founding members of eTasking  LLC and serves as the senior clinician responsible for ensuring that all products and services remain aligned with the evolving needs of Assisted Living communities throughout the US and Canada. 

If you have any questions about how ePlan might help your community, please give Sydney a call. She can speak both from the perspective of a user and as a service provider. She can also provide perspective on the many different requirements of communities both large and small operating under a variety of regulations. Send her an Email with your question or give her a call at (972) 767-4023

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In addition to her responsibilities with eTasking, Sydney works with DFW Aging Solutions to provide training, consulting, and planning support for different health care providers.  She also remains active in support of Early Stage Alzheimer's programs and groups that she has helped create.  For more information on Early Stage Alzheimer's programs, click the video below.   

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked for many years in the area of psychiatric social work and more recently with the elderly. My experience with the Senior Community includes serving as the Executive Director of a 50 bed Alzheimer’s AL community, and with the Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. While working at the Azzheimer's Association I developed and implemented an educational and support program for people in early stages of Alzheimer’s, called Trailblazers.


Ph: 972-767-4023
Fax: 886-332-2947