About eTasking

eTasking LLC is an internet based company filling the need for an online service plan for busy health care providers. Established in 2005, eTasking was approached by a 30 year professional health care administrator with a need and an idea: Simply computerize the Service Plans for her 55 bed Alzheimer senior living facility.

From this request the ePlan was developed and tailored to replace the hand written resident’s Service Plan from the initial family interview, to a fully developed Service Plan addressing each and every ADL, through discharge. The neat well organized ePlan is easily audited by company and state auditors. The ePlan keeps track of each entry to the resident’s plan, who made the entry, and when it was made.

Resident information is not stored on your local PC where it could be subject to power or disk failure.  Instead, it is maintained and stored electronically on our remote Database Server.

Everyday our users login using secure ID and passwords, and our servers log thousands of record updates.  eTasking LLC is dedicated to helping you spend more time care giving and less time documenting.