Comments from ePlan Users

Read what one Corporate Administrator had to say about ePlan Automation:

“...Currently our 23 communities, Assisted Living and stand-alone Dementia Care facilities, are using the ePlan Service Planning system. The Nurses have found time management savings in all aspects of service planning including the initial assessment phase, updates and change of conditions documentation.

And the following email from a new ePlan User:

“...We just went through survey [and] the survey teams at both buildings raved about the way the assessments and care plans work. It was a bit weird since the survey teams rarely commend something we do (they are not allowed to give positive feedback).

ePlan User Locations

Time Savings with ePlan

The ePlan system offers data entry advantages over both hand written Service Plan systems and other automated data entry systems. The table below shows user estimates of times required to enter resident information with an Excel spreadsheet template versus ePlan.

Service Plan Oper-
ation performed
Data Entry using
Excel or printed form
Data Entry Using ePlan
Create new Plan Up to 4 hours < 1 hour
Update existing Plan 20 to 30 minutes 10 minutes
New assessment Up to 1 hour 0 **
Update assessment 10 minutes 0 **

** Assessment calculated as Service Plan data is entered