Download Instructions for ePlan Automation

The latest version of the ePlan Automation System can be installed directly on your PC using the following instructions:

New Users

If you are not currently an ePlan customer but would like to download a fully functional version of ePlan to use and evaluate, we only need the name of your corporation; the name of your facility; your name; and your email address. This information plus your password will be the credentials that will permit you to securely log in to ePlan once you have downloaded it to your computer (see Login Screen image to the right).  To receive your login credentials, click the button below.

Get Credentials

ePlan Download Instructions

Once you receive your ePlan login credentials (they will be promptly sent to your email address) you will be able to download and begin using ePlan.  To download ePlan for your facility, click the button below and login using your ePlan credentials.

Download ePlan

Download Help

Ph: 972-767-4023

Login Screen

Login Screen Image

Login Credentials

Your login credentials will give you exclusive access to a private account for all of your facilities plus a dummy facility named "Rosebud" that can be used for training and practice.

Even for users just evaluating ePlan, the account created will be fully functional and secure, located on our production server.